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Gurubhyo is basically a unique learning platform that enables educational institutions, training centres, colleges and universities to create and develop well-structured certificate courses, diploma and degree programmes which can be taken up as an online education for enthusiastic learners. This platform being an unbounded manifesto also allows the independent tutors to offer their customised courses or tuition classes and related services to the learners. Since education at any level has an enormous potential to change the society and the world at large, Gurubhyo would like to blend the traditional education with the contemporary technology to transform the society by enabling the access to a world-class education even in remote and rural areas thus reflexively transforming the lives of poor families to a great extent. This apart, by providing access to proper education to the needy students at affordable cost, Gurubhyo shall play a major role in realising their learning potential which will eventually get them into a better life; thereby totally wiping out poverty.

This will also come up as an initiative to those who do not need to struggle for the basic necessities to contribute their knowledge towards the betterment of other persons' life and the betterment of the society. When such good hearted souls are given an opportunity to access and contribute towards the uplifting of the society, the poor and needy learners become accomplished and attain the power of knowledge which apparently brings out the real competence in them. In course of time, by reaching out every corner of the globe, with this kind of education, a reduction in the misdeeds and crime will gradually be seen wherein a better, safe and pleasant world with happy people around us can be formed. Nevertheless, learning happens to be a life long journey, since learning and education has no restriction of age, gender, nationality or similar and Gurubhyo would like to travel along with the learners' journey in every part of their life.

Our Vision

Gurubhyo was founded with the vision of providing flexible and affordable education for the underprivileged, and free education for the most financially disadvantaged, ultimately striving to transform society and create a better world for all.

Our Mission

Gurubhyo's mission is to provide a comprehensive and accessible online learning experience, empowering learners with high-quality educational content curated by passionate educators. Our goal is to create a platform where students can easily access a diverse range of educational resources, facilitating academic success and personal growth.

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